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Low Cost Bankruptcy Assistance. Expert Advice. 

How much is it to go bankrupt in 2013 in the UK. How much is bankruptcy.How much does it cost

Here are details of our low cost comprehensive bankruptcy service:

  • A thorough review of your situation by an expert consultant.
  • We prepare all of the court documents for you to the highest standard.
  • Expert advice and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process even after you go bankrupt.
  • No form filling for you to do. We complete all of the administration for you.
  • Fully licensed, 
    RSC Service leads the way in the UK for  low cost bankruptcy solutions.
  • Assistance with listing your income and expenditure so that all outgoings are represented appropriately.
  • We fully explain all the benefits and consequences of the bankruptcy process.
  • Provision of 3 copies of the Debtor’s Petition and 30 page Statement of Affairs documents (one for yourself, one for the court and one for the Official Receiver).
  • You will be provided with your local court details and we can book your court date on request.
  • We receive excellent feedback regarding the quality and accuracy of the court documents that we produce.
  • 100% of our bankruptcy petitions submitted meet the strict criteria of the court process.


'Without your help, knowledge and expert advice I don't think my experience going through bankruptcy would have gone so smoothly, and you helped save me from IPA payments that I could not afford.'
Mrs D., Newcastle


'The service you delivered was second to none. Very easy to understand and you made the whole process very relaxed. It's like the weight of a car has been lifted from my shoulders.'
Mr G., Northampton

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How much does it cost to go bankrupt - Bankruptcy fees 2013

Considering bankruptcy? Want advice and information about costs? We are personal bankruptcy specialists and make the process fast, easy and affordable.

'I'm now clear of all my debts thanks to you'. Mr P., Northampton

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Bankruptcy can often be the cheapest, quickest and simplest way to clear overwhelming debt.

Make sure you get the right advice. You need to know the benefits and consequences depending on your circumstances.

Why not consider the advantages of our comprehensive bankruptcy service. Contact us now for more information.

How much is it to go bankrupt – Court fees

How much does it cost to go bankrupt? We are not aware of any planned increases yet in 2013. Since June 2011 the overall court fee to go bankrupt in England and Wales is £700. This is made up of two parts - £525 for the Official Receiver fee and £175 for the Court fee. This is paid in cash when you go to court to go bankrupt. When you are ready to go bankrupt you would attend your local county court (or the High Court in London if you are in its jurisdiction). You need to book an appointment at most courts and the wait time for appointments varies from a few days to a few weeks depending on how busy they are.

How much is the Court fee exemption if you go bankrupt

For full details and the criteria, go to the page Court fee remission

How much you pay to go bankrupt depends on your circumstances. If you are on certain benefits or your household has a low income you may be exempt from the £175 court fee. This means that you may only have to pay a total of £525 rather than £700. To claim this you need to submit the court form EX160A when you go bankrupt. This is available from your local county court or online (go to the HM Courts and Tribunals Service web site). You also need to take evidence, when you go bankrupt, of your benefits and/or 3 months of payslips and bank statements depending on the type of remission you are claiming. The form contains guidance on this and your local county court can provide further information if you feel you meet the criteria for the court fee exemption when you are ready to go bankrupt.

The hidden cost of bankruptcy – Income Payments Agreement / Income Payments Order

As well as the cost of entering bankruptcy you must consider the payments you may be expected to make once the Official Receiver has assessed your circumstances. Your income and expenditure will be reviewed carefully and unless it is a small amount, you will be asked to pay your surplus income each month for 3 years. This is called an Income Payments Agreement (IPA). If you do not agree and the matter is taken to court, you will then be subject to the judge’s decision and an Income Payment Order will be made. This means that unless you can competently demonstrate you need all of your income to meet essential outgoings, you would benefit from advice on how to represent your circumstances. We can provide you with a free assessment and even tell you what Income Payments may be expected and demonstrate what can be done to reduce them legitimately by including all of the expenditure allowable by the Insolvency Service depending on your situation. Our clients benefit from this review as it is a standard part of our low cost comprehensive bankruptcy service.

How much is bankruptcy – Professional fees

You do not need professional help to go bankrupt in England and Wales. However, there are many benefits if you choose the right organisation to help you go bankrupt. The court forms required to go bankrupt include the 3 page Debtors Petition and 30 page Statement of Affairs. Although fairly straight forward they are very detailed and 3 copies need to be presented to court when you go bankrupt. This much paperwork amounts to 100 pages, all of which has to meet the very high standards that the Bankruptcy Clerk, Judge and Official Receiver requires. The paperwork also includes how much you earn, how much you receive in benefits and how much you have to spend each month in outgoings. This is extremely important  as your expenditure is reviewed carefully to determine how much, if anything, you have in surplus income. You would benefit significantly with the right help to represent your expenditure in line with the essential amounts allowed by the Official Receiver and to include all of the allowances that you are entitled to claim for your circumstances. This means that you may not need to pay an IPA or if you do then it would be the lowest possible amount for your circumstances.

How much is it to go bankrupt – Our Low Cost Comprehensive Bankruptcy Service

There are many organisations that provide an assisted service to help you go bankrupt. Prices vary dramatically, you may receive quotes from just a few hundred pounds to a thousand pounds or more plus court fees and this often involves lengthy monthly payment plans. Prices may also vary depending on your level of debt and the complexity of your situation.

Unfortunately and ironically it is expensive to go bankrupt. We are well aware of how much difficulty there is to get these funds together. After all, the reason why you want to go bankrupt is because of how much financial difficulty you have. With this in mind we have tailored a solution to provide a comprehensive, high quality, low cost service. If you would like information about this service please contact us for more details with no obligation. We provide all the court documentation for you in triplicate, provide expert guidance and support no matter how much help you need throughout the process even after you go bankrupt. We are experts at helping people go bankrupt and represent everything in their best interests.


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